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Deep Tissue Massage

You work your body day in and day out regardless of what profession you are in. We believe almost every person is a suitable candidate for a deep tissue as it can help improve posture, relieve back and hip pain and aid in releasing the toxins. Known to dissolve knots and relax tight muscles, this treatment works at a deep tissue level, reducing chronic pain at targeted areas of the body. Using arms, forearms, hands and elbows to squeeze out toxins and force muscle tissue to relax, our experienced therapists will help your muscles stay happy!

Aromatherapy Massage

Using traditional massage techniques to perform Aromatherapy massage, we analyse the client’s physical and emotional requirements first and create a unique blend of natural essential oils, which when massaged into your body are absorbed easily diffusing through your blood stream and providing wide ranging therapeutic and biological benefits. The additional element of inhaling the aroma is sure to uplift your senses, reduce nervous tension and encourage positive thinking.
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